Weekly Features

Every Tuesday is roast chicken night

Half Chicken 19.95 each

Full Chicken 29.95 each

Slow roasted, served family style with fresh vegetables and potatoes

gratuity and GST not included

Wednesday is wine and charcuterie night!

15.95 for a small charcuterie + cheese board

29.95 gets you a chef’s daily charcuterie board and two glasses of house wine

gratuity and GST not included

Thursdays mussels

$18.95 per dozen

$10.95 per 1/2 dozen

gratuity and GST not included

Lunch Specials

Monday-Friday from 12pm-5pm

Monday-Fish Taco

Tuesday-Beef Burger

Wednesday- Chicken Wings

Thursday-0.5 lb Steamed Mussels with Garlic Toast

Friday-1 pc fish and chips

$12 plus taxes and Gratuities